DRONE QUADCOPTER 4 rotor UAV systeme

Référence: UAV-MX4080BP
Remises Modes de livraison possibles: Transport DPD Classique, Transport TNT, DPD Belgique Transport, COLISSIMO DOMTOM, COLLISIMO Terre de France

UAV-MX4080A Eagle Series Quad-rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle



The aerial vehicle is responsible for receiving control signal and performing flight mission as the mission load carrier. It can execute flight control via remote control and the ground station; At the same time it supports the transmission of videos, location information, flight data and other data information to the ground station.


Key Features:

        · With foldable flying arms, the UAV can be quickly disassembled and assembled for easy transport;

        · High energy density power battery, with battery life up to 40min;

        · Made of carbon fiber material, featuring high strength and light weight;

        · Multi-sensor redundant system design, ensuring flight safety

        · In case of low battery and loss of control signal, supporting automatically return flight to the return point.



The Eagle Series UAVs are easy to operate with high flexibility, efficiency and adaptability, providing from a global perspective comprehensive 3D surveillance from multiple angles that greatly expands the coverage of existing surveillance, leading the security industry to embrace the era of 3D surveillance. A wide variety of add-ons are supported to meet the demands for different application scenarios.


Routine patrol

Facilities patrol and inspection, urban management, air patrol, border patrol, environment monitoring, road condition investigation, hydraulic monitoring, harbor and waterway management

Emergency relief

Fire command, disaster monitoring, flood-fighting and emergency rescues, anti-smuggling and drug control, accident investigation, explosion rescue and target search




Model UAV-MX4080A
Aerial Vehicle Wingspan Diagonal Wheelbase: 805mm
Maximum Climbing Speed: 10 m/sec
Ceiling 3000 m
Maximum Level Speed 80km/h
Cruising Speed 50km/h
Combat Radius 10km
Control Mode Manual operation, auto flight
Auto Flight Support one-button take-off, one-button return, one-button landing, track planning, guided flight, circularized flight, point of interest hover, etc.; support the setup of flight height limit and safety radius of point of interest
Security Mechanism It supports return flight at a low battery or at a loss of control signal.
Battery Life 35 min (standard add-ons)
40 min (0 add-on)
Vehicle weight Approx 3.6kg
Wind resistance capacity Level 6
Battery Capacity 22000mA
Built-in battery Li-polymer battery
Operating Temperature -10℃~50℃
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