Haut parleur pour drône

Référence: UAV-AT1025AI
Remises Modes de livraison possibles: Transport DPD Classique, Transport TNT, DPD Belgique Transport, COLISSIMO DOMTOM, COLLISIMO Terre de France

High-altitude Airborne Speaker


UAV-AT1025A high-altitude airborne speaker adopts high quality tweeter to be carried with the aerial vehicle for fast penetration into crowded area. It can not only inspect the on-site situation in real-time, but also announce to the site, give demands and evacuate the people, etc.


Key Features:

        · Low delay when making remote announcement

        · Loudspeaker broadcasting ranges at a maximum of 500 meters

        · Support volume adjustment

        · Excellent anti-interference performance, a maximum of 10 km auditory data transmission distance

        · Built-in HD camera for real-time inspection of on-site situation



        · It is applicable to the security protection of large-scale events and the disposal of group incidents.

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