Commander Series Ground Station

Référence: UAV-S11SA
Remises Modes de livraison possibles: Transport DPD Classique, Transport TNT, DPD Belgique Transport, COLISSIMO DOMTOM, COLLISIMO Terre de France

Commander Series Ground Station


"Commander" Series Ground Station and "Eagle" Series UAV form a complete system of unmanned aerial vehicles. "Commander" Series Ground Station is responsible for sending control signals to the aerial vehicles, while receiving the image and data from aerial vehicles. Integrated ground station integrates intelligent control, manual control and pan-tilt control functions of aerial vehicles for more intuitive and convenient operation.



Key Features:

   · Robust military material: Integrated military-grade protective housing and reinforced laptop, with strong environmental adaptability

   · Integrated structure and control: Remote control+ground station+Pad; supporting intelligent control and manual control

   · Intuitive double-screen display: Large-screen image display (15 inches), comprehensive and intuitive information presentation

   · Diversity reception, resistance to fading: Dual-antenna diversity reception, combination of signals to enhance reception effect

   · Intelligent sweep frequency for avoiding interference: Intelligent spectrum scanning to eliminate radio interference

   · Waypoint preset and intelligent planning: Improve work efficiency through common waypoints preset and intelligent planning track


Work Flow:



   · Applicable to complex environments, or the environments needing site real-time command, such as 

   · Conventional police service

   · Fire control

   · Disaster rescue

   · Anti-terrorism

   · Traffic inspection


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